Team Corona Process

Team Corona is a valuable tool to expedite projects through the City of Corona. Team Corona has been active since its inception in 1991, being instrumental in assisting the development of more than 34 million square feet of industrial space, 3 million square feet of office space and an estimated 6.0 million square feet of retail space.

Once there is a potential site of expansion, relocation or development, Team Corona is your entry point to the City’s processes. Team Corona is your single point of contact throughout the time you are working toward final Certificate of Occupancy. It is an informal round-table discussion to address questions and concerns to the project by the department representatives streamlining the permitting process.

The Department Plan Review (DPR) is a meeting between city staff and project proponents where plans are reviewed and written comments are given. The meetings are held every Thursday morning and take approximately three weeks from the date of submittal to appear before the DPR Committee.

The formal Plan Check review process is routed through the Building Department. Corona’s Building Department guarantees that a plan review for a new structure (residential or commercial) will be completed within 3-1/2 weeks and all plan reviews for tenant improvements will be completed within 2 weeks.